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Date: 25th July 2016
5 Inch Electric Carbon Fiber Scooter
1. Extreme Portability The entire frame and deck of the scooter is crafted from high quality Carbon Fiber making it super lightweight yet sturdy. Weighting just 6.58KG, The compact size and easy-fold function mean you can bring it up on public transport conveniently. 2. Signature Front Light The elegant and stylish front lights not only make passer-bys do a double take, it also lights up the path ahead at night for safety. 3. Ultra Slim 7.6mm Deck Through the smart use of carbon fiber, the deck is super slim yet strong. It can handle up to 100kg of weight while only 7.6mm thin. The spring leaf shape of the deck acts as an integrated suspension to smoothen out uneven paths. 4. Advanced Motor Technology The 5? hub motor is specially developed to be high-torque, high-powered yet lightweight. Through the revolutionary use of Field Oriented Control (FOC) technology, acceleration is smooth and silent giving you an enjoyable riding experience.Coupled with electronic braking (EBS), it allows the battery to be recharged during braking. 5. Intelligent LCD Display A sleek LCD display screen that shows critical information such as speed, battery life, odometer and time. Allows for easy customization of speed limits, 8km/h, 16km/h, 23km/h and so on.
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